Facebook Gets Hit by ‘OMG, You Will Hate Rihanna After Watching This Video!’ Virus

It was last November when the outbreak of spam, mostly containing adult and pornographic content affected many Facebook users news-feed. Now there is another such spam called as ‘OMG, You Will Hate Rihanna After Watching This Video!’

It has already been reported and witnessed on Facebook and seems to be spreading fast. Basically, the scam or the malicious link has two variants.

Virus on Facebook:

The first is same as shown in the picture below. When a Facebook user clicks on the link, they’re taken to a page that appears to have an embedded video with a Facebook share button and comments from previous viewers. Now you will be forced to share this malicious link with all your Facebook friends. And this will continue without your knowledge. It has also been observed that the virus automatically sends private messages to your Facebook friends asking them to play the video.

The other type is a simple message on the news feed saying “OMG – I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video
ezreality.tk you will lose all respect for RIHANNA after watching this”

It should be noted that spammers run this type of campaign to force people to complete surveys, for which they are paid. Also spammers or hackers spread fabricated storied simply to get user attention and as they click the malicious links, they inject spywares into the target machine quite easily.

How to remove virus from your Facebook account?

Well, here are some tips to quarantine virus or remove it from your Facebook account, if it has already infected your Facebook profile page.

  • Change your password. Choose a strong password with all the special characters.
  • While you’re in your settings, remove any unwanted Facebook apps. These could be the culprit, or the malware could have installed an app already without your knowledge.
  • Run a virus and malware scan on your entire system.

Apart from these, someprecautions can save you from these spams and viruses, such as avoiding clicking, sharing and using too many unwanted applications on the Facebook.

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