Facebook Home updated, brings favorite apps tray. Download now!

Facebook has updated its Home launcher with a major update allowing users to keep their most frequently accessed apps on a favorite tray. The update does not affect the other core functionality but adds a favorite apps dock on the bottom of the screen so that you do not have to navigate or search for your most frequently used apps such as Phone, Browser, camera etc.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

The update is nothing but a migration towards more conventional Android launchers, most of which employ a persistent dock for quick access on their home screens. There is news about Facebook working on a new feature which will allow users to reach the list of their most frequently used contacts with Chat Heads. It hasn’t been included in this updatebut we expect it to be coming soon in following updates.

Facebook Home is a Facebook centered visual OS launcher which throws enlarged images with their status or post text on the screen. The posts and images keep revolving to keep users engaged into Facebook. The launcher was launched earlier this year for a set of limited Smartphones and was soon hacked to work on any Android Smartphone. Facebook promised frequent updates for its launcher after it got lukewarm reviews in the Play Store.

Here is a full list of enhancements that the update brings for Android:

  • The ability to change who can see something you’ve shared
  • Sending multiple photos in a single message (tap the +)
  • Improved memory/stability

Facebook Home

The Facebook Home update also brings regular stability fixes in addition to the other major changes mentioned in the ChangeLog above. It is said that Facebook is also working on bringing folder and widget support to its launcher – two major features which are missing in its launcher. We also feel that Facebook should provide more customization options for its launcher as it tends to interfere with other apps such as Skype. It tends to reappear on top of Skype when the screen light gets off, so any time you need to go back to Skype IM, you have to get rid of Facebook Home first.

You can download Facebook Home from Play Store if your Smartphone is supported via the official update. Stay tuned for more such updates and follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for more such news updates on phones, gadgets and tablets.