Facebook introduces the new Organ Donor option

Since its inception, Facebook has turned out to be the biggest social communication platform today and this clearly underlines its importance and the responsibility that it carries. Tapping on this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled an initiative to utilize the vast social network and help connect organ donors with people who need lifesaving transplants. He was also one of the first Facebook users to sign up to donate on the social network.

Through this, users can add an important life-event on their Facebook profile page about being an organ donor and helping organ seekers in a huge way by narrowing down their search. Zuckerberg further elaborates that the organ donation initiative was inspired by disasters such as last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan where Facebook can play an important role in keeping people connected. Facebook also plans to link this with the national registry database which will help the registered users become official organ donors.

Zuckerberg also cited his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, who is studying to become a pediatrician. “Our dinner conversations are often about Facebook and kids, and the kids that she’s meeting. She’ll see them getting sicker, then, all of a sudden, an organ becomes available, and she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone’s life is going to be better because of this.”

More than 100,000 users expressed their decision to be an organ donor on Facebook right on the first day of unveiling this new feature. This seems to be a humanitarian step by Facebook in connecting organ donors/seekers and helping save lives, given it has more than 526 million daily users. Many health organizations across U.S have given a thumbs up to Facebook for introducing this new feature and intend to collaborate and work together for the same purpose.

Right now, this feature is available only in the U.S and U.K regions but shall be soon available to users of other regions too.