Facebook introduces the new Promote feature for businesses

Facebook is on a roll. Having widely increased its reach and user base since its inception, it is adding new features and actions at an increased pace. This morning greeted me with a surprise: a Promote button visible on our Facebook Page right beside the ‘Post‘ button. A random guess made me deduce that Facebook will be charging for this service and behold! I wasn’t wrong.

Two options were displayed about promoting the post across the newsfeed: cashing in US $5 would bring an estimated reach of 3,200 while spending $10 would set an estimated reach of 4,700 for that particular post. This implies that Facebook will be taking extra care to promote the specific posts on the newsfeed and ensure that it gets maximum coverage depending upon the amount invested for promotion.

Businesses can pay the promotion amount in various other currencies like Euro, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee etc. and not just in US dollars. The duration of the promotional period of the post is three days from the time of the first posting. The payment is to be done through VISA|MasterCard under Facebook Ads.

This seems to be a pretty decent feature for businesses as they wouldn’t mind shelling a few bucks for special promotion of their important updates, announcements etc. Morever, it holds potential in channelizing the reach of the business page within its fanbase and gives a clear picture about the insights. In India, only two monetary options are available ($5 and $10) while in other Western countries, four options are visible ($5, $10, $15 and $20).

The Promote feature though looks promising but a few days in to its usage will determine the end effect it carries and the difference of people reached through this new feature.

Don’t forget to check this page for FAQs about the new Promote feature.