Facebook Introduces New Sharing and Security FeaturesTo Fight Back with Google Plus

Google had a clear shot on Facebook’s face via their newly launched Social Network Google+. But here, we think Facebook is much worried and fighting back in all areas, where Google Plus wanted to dominate in Social Network Market. Google Plus was said more completely different than Facebook and more privacy options were there (still available!). But, it seems that Zuckerburg is more concerned about the privacy. Facebook has changed the sharing option like what we can find in Google Plus.

Google Plus has Circles to add separate group of friends into separate Circles. In Facebook, you can add friends to separate lists and now directly can share the things to the only person, whom you want to share your status, links etc. The 3 changes of Facebook sharing feature is given below:

1. Who you are with now? Add the friends to your status update, with who you are now.

Moreover, you can add the friends when you posting status. “Tagging friends” option was there before, but this one is called as “Who you are with now”. In the left bottom corner of the status updater box, you will find a small icon, where you need to click and add the friends, who you are with at that moment.

2. Where you are? This is the geo location tagging feature when posting the status update.

You can add the place (city, area etc) in your status update. This can be used as the check in to a place also. You may not post the original location- you can use some random false place too. This makes me to think that they are planning to use check in services as soon as possible. Ok leave that matter as for now, and check the next feature.

3. To whom you want to share? This is the actual competitor to Google Plus.

When posting the status, now you can assign the friends and group to whom you want to share the updates. Only thing you have to do now is, add the right friends to the right list and start posting separately to anyone you wanted to. You can change the audience once after posting the status update too. This is similar as posting updates Google Plus Circles.

Facebook was trying the new features with some group of users before. But now they have introduced these new features to all users at one time. So, will Google Plus reacts to the changes done by the Facebook to their sharing feature? Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more Social Media updates.