Facebook to launch New Music Service Vibes by the end of this Month

According to the recent news surfaced over the web reveals that Facebook is going to start a Music service called Vibes soon. This new Facebook service will be soon hitting by the end of this month and tentatively the expected date for its launch will be 22nd September.

This newfangled online music application also allows you to can even up load mp3 from your own music collection on your computer. Using this feature now none of that partial song crap will happen.

According to the sources Facebook members with digital music accounts will be able to listen to music while on the social network and share their tunes with friends as well. The service will include a new page called a Music Dashboard, that’s linked to the home page via a Music tab. The interface would allow you to choose from Spotify and a variety of other music services, and include a persistent play button, and a variety of other music-sharing features.

Let’s wait for the 22nd September and see what Facebook have to give us this time!