Facebook to launch its own smartphone in 2013

Facebook is at it again. No, it isn’t introducing a makeover change in the Timeline feature but it is giving serious thoughts on manufacturing a smartphone, to be probably called as FacePhone. This smartphone is supposed to be natively built by Facebook but it is still unclear about the operating system it shall incorporate in the smartphone: either Android, Windows Phone or something of its own.

Facebook has already hired half a dozen former Apple employees who were involved in the making of the iPhone/iPad and plans to launch the smartphone next year, i.e. in 2013.

We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers.” – is all what Facebook had to say.

Facebook had initiated work on building a smartphone back in 2010 but had to leave that project midway after realizing their shortage of appropriate manpower and resources apart from their lack of experience on a completely new domain. However, with second hopes in 2011, Facebook entered into a partnership with HTC to create a smartphone named ‘Buffy‘. And now, it seems to be fully committed to take forward the production of ‘Buffy’ with the right talent and resources in hand. There have been reports of Microsoft wanting to have the FacePhone run on its Windows Phone mobile platform but nothing’s been confirmed as Facebook already has a super-successful operating system with intuitive features to its credit.

Facebook may come out with an official announcement about the smartphone it is building but as for now, everything is kept under wraps. With the mobile market evolving drastically, it’s again highly unsure if next year is a favorable time to launch the Facebook smartphone and pit against the biggies like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

However, one thing is for sure: given Mark Zuckerberg’s state of color-blindness, the Facebook smartphone will be released in the Blue avatar (Blue being his favorite color).