Facebook Launches the Ticker – Get Realtime Updates of Your Friends Activities

CHANGE !! This is all happening on Facebook for past ten days. Facebook on Thursday made a drastic change to its vintage newsfeed page. It wasn’t far when we noticed the subscriber button now it’s the new real time “ticker

This module shows show what your friends are watching, playing or reading at the moment. The service is made public from Thursday.
You can now see updates sliding down on a box typed segment on top right part of the page. Now this ticker has taken over ‘most recent’ and ‘earlier’ updates option which was available over the status update area.
This new ticker will turn Facebook into “your own personal news paper” says Facebook engineer Mark Tokelowitz.

facebook launches ticker

How does it work?

Newsfeed contains all the top stories based on the algorithm that takes into number of likes, comments and how often you spy on friends. Just roll the mouse over any news it shows, the story expands. If you wish to interact with any of the following stories, you can do it then and there without any further clicks.

Option you have on ticker.

You can set things you would like to see on this ticker. If you wish to hide any story passing by just clicking the story and on the drop menu image, click hide story. If you want to hide someone to show up on ticker, this can be done by completely unsubscribing the user from his profile.

 Does it help gamer’s? 

Ticker could be just too complicated for one, I believe. You will miss many things happening on Facebook.  If you are a hard core gamer on Facebook and the ticker just displays five stories at a time before sliding with another one. For me who have thousands of active gamers on my friend list, this is not helping. The posts disappears with a blink of eye. A lot is missed before it is seen.


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