[Facebook Scam] Get free Facebook T-Shirt on its 7th Birthday

Facebook Scam has a huge long list to cover up. Infact Facebook also done lot of  steps to implement some strict against on these fake accounts. Although no  Website or Social Network is perfect in removing spams from their accounts.

[Facebook Scam] Get free Facebook T-Shirt on 7th Birthday

So we Bloggers take initiative to aware and let people know about these scams  so that people might not get into their hacking attacks. Recently I just saw  about another Scam in facebook about Facebook 7th Birthday Anniversery.  Although being as a blogger and webmaster, I did some research and finally  came to conclusion that its a Scam. Confused, Isn’t It?? Let me explain you how  I found ..

What this Scam is all About

These is the website http://freef.be/ and http://fbtshirt.info/ are a big Source of the Scam. As per their  words they are offering Free T Shirts to Facebook Users with Facebook Logo on  it. They just tell you to get your Private Facebook Email ID and after confirming the ID, you will be given one survey to fill it up. Once you do it an Automatic  message will be posted in your wallpost about the Facebook T-Shirt 7th Birthday along with a photo that will act as a proof that you have received the TShirt, Whereas you haven’t Yet.

What they will do with your Private Email Id

Once you give them your Private Id, there are chances that they would use it for wrong purpose. Along with that they also get the rights to upload images which are not suitable for you, status which are harmful for your life, etc.

Best Point to Get Attracted toward them

Although I was very much impressed with their design of the website. Since many people might not know about all these things, so they would just agree to all steps leading to account suspension or ban or lose of account credentials as well.

Proof that its a Full Prepared Scam

There are several points which I would like to share with you.

  • Facebook was launched in Feb 2004 and and the current month is September which means that either they are going too fast as February is yet to come, or they are going too slow as February is already gone. Whatever might be the case but they are indirectly trying to fool us.
  • They want your Private Email Id, if at all they are from Facebook, wouldn’t they get your Email Id automatically since you are using their product and service, so they have all rights to take up your information. But they are asking from you, which is a clear sign of suspicion.
  • Another point of Suspicion is that the domain has been registered just 2 days before. Do anyone of them thinks that Facebook is going to use a 2 days registered Domain

Domain Details

Expiration Date: 2012-09-05 00:45:36
Creation Date: 2011-09-05 00:45:36
Last Update Date: 2011-09-05 00:45:37

  • Last point of suspicious which can make everyone be sure that its a Scam is that it has been registered with name “Vikrant Malik”. Do you think that Facebook, a Big brand would register any domain with any person name, if at all they want to register with any individual name, then it would be only “Mark Zukerberg“, owner of Facebook. Below is a picture that we have collected from Who.is data.

[Facebook Scam] Get free Facebook T-Shirt on 7th Birthday

Therefore, its clearly visible that this Scam has been growing powerful and we need your support to let everyone know about this. Do promote this article with your friends and help your friends in not losing their Facebook account.


  1. Great article.. i think facebook should be more strict in dealing with these people, afterall their reputation is in stake…

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