Should You “Like” The Facebook Security Page?

As more and more people sign up with Facebook, hackers find it easier to dupe/con users by employing different methods – phishing, downloading malware disguised in form of links and videos, inviting them to like a page so that they can run a script and more. Earlier, we talked about inviting trouble using Facebook and other social networking sites. You may have already read this article offering some Facebook Login Security tips. Now this article talks about Facebook security features and updates provided by Facebook itself – via its Facebook Security fan page.

Facebook Security Page

With the increasing number of illegal uses of the social networking site, Facebook came up with a fan page called Facebook Security for protecting its users. This Facebook Security page not only helps you check if your computer is compromised by offering you free software, it also helps you in reducing your chances of being hacked by providing you updates about Facebook security.

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The Facebook Security fan page was designed in the year 2010 with an intention to update Facebook users about latest scams and spams etc. It recently shot into limelight when Facebook partnered with different antivirus companies to provide better security.


In a note dated April 20, 2012, Facebook announced that it partnered with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec. It can now scan all links on Facebook to check if they are related to the “blacklisted links databases” maintained by these companies. Other than Facebook’s own database of bad links, the security systems will now scan the bad links database from all these antivirus companies to provide better security. If a user clicks a link that is related to one of the links in the bad links database of any of these antivirus companies, Facebook security mechanism will display a warning message.

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Other than scanning for malicious links, Facebook has announced availability of free antivirus programs in its marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace is currently offering the following products:

  1. Sophos Antivirus – Free
  2. McAfee – Six Months Free Trial
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials – Free
  4. Norton Antivirus – Free/Trial (Not mentioned in FB Marketplace)
  5. Trend Micro Internet Security – Free

I would recommend that you read the terms and conditions (under Learn More) of each product before downloading it as they may change over time. This is just to ensure that you are actually getting the product free of cost. Note that you can download only one product and only once. If you click on download button, you won’t be able to click the button again. Choose your product wisely.

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While going through the security page of Facebook, I found some points interesting and worth sharing. I am listing them below.

  1. Facebook has never developed any app that would let you know who all are visiting your profile. If you see any post claiming to help you know about profile visits, it is spam.
  2. Some people may receive emails that look like originating from Facebook. If these mails ask you for your personal information, delete those emails as Facebook will not send you such emails.
  3. Be wary of third party applications that claim to customize your profile page or fan page. They can be dangerous.
  4. If you are seeing too many ads while browsing Facebook, you probably are infected with adware programs. Run a good anti malware to clean up your computer. Facebook has a video explaining how to remove adware. I linked it here just in case you are interested in it. The video quality is poor but it sure gives you some good information. Also, I do not know how they showed a menu bar for disabling adware on Google Chrome. As far as I know, you can get to Extensions by clicking the wrench icon and then Settings. If I am missing something, let me know.
  5. If you receive a mail from Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) asking you to fill out a survey, delete that email. That is a phishing attempt from third parties.

There are many more interesting points discussed in the Facebook security page. Visit Also, give it a Like so that you can see their future updates in your Timeline. “Like”ing The Geeks Club on Facebook will ensure that you will be in touch with the latest in the world of Social Media, iOS and Android.

If you still have any questions about security in Facebook, please let us know. We might be able to assist.