Facebook looking for Student Ambassadors – To Work For Free!

What does it take to get a job in the Facebook company? Not much. All you need is a cell phone and a good network of people to whom you can promote Facebook. While there are many good paying jobs available with Facebook in India and abroad, the latest endeavor from the social networking company the Facebook Ambassador scheme. Let’s find out how to become a Facebook Ambassador in any country.

These ambassadors will be people promoting Facebook mobile for free. Everyone is qualified for the job as Facebook will not be paying anything from its pocket.

how to become a Facebook Ambassador

How to become a Facebook Ambassador

This reminds me of a contest held by Huffington Post some time back. The online newspaper wanted a new logo for its group. It came up with an idea of a contest. The people participating in the contest were told they should submit their ideas with Huffington Post. Contestants were free to submit more than one designs. The best design would be chosen as the logo for Huffington Post and the online newspaper would hold all rights to the design. And what were they offering designers? An opportunity to “polish” their talents! I wonder who all would have actually participated in it.

Coming back to Facebook, it looks like the social media giant is trying to increase its presence in India even as certain political parties are trying to get it banned on the pretext of social media being misused to malign people and to spread rumors. There is no harm in desiring growth. Any business wants it and it is a good strategy to keep growing. But when you want something from people, you should be giving them something in return.

To become a Facebook Ambassador, you need to:

  • Find people who are not yet on Facebook or they the Facebook App is missing on their phones. Help them download Facebook’s mobile app.
  • They will have to register on Facebook and can confirm their identity with their phone number in their profile. Post this, you will need to submit their numbers using the FB Ambassador app.
  • Facebook will verify the existence of these numbers and credit them to you.

Is Facebook Playing it right?

Apparently, Facebook thinks that it is already offering a common place for its users where they can share information. While it is true to some extent, the other side of the coin is also true that Facebook utilizes the information to target custom advertising.

The moment you log into Facebook, you will see ads from retailers in your city being displayed in the right column. And it is not about only the information you provide while filling out your profile, it is about what you are sharing – including photos and videos. Facebook is trying to be a Google. It follows you all over the Internet without you being aware of that stalking. It records what all activities you are doing on the Internet – with the ideology of serving you better – ads, I guess.

Is Facebook really doing you a favor by providing you with a platform to share things with people you want? It seems Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to make up for his loss in share market by hiring coolies who will work for him just for a virtual badge. To my surprise, I found that many of my ‘friends’ are already working for free on Facebook under the Facebook Ambassador scheme. If you too wish to contribute towards Mark’s bank balance, check out Facebook Ambassador Plan.

And lest I forget, you need to submit what all you did under the scheme – to Facebook- which will then evaluate your work before deciding whether or not to provide you with the badge for display on your Facebook profile!