How to get Facebook Timeline on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

Back in September, ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ had announced the very new feature for every facebok profile called ‘Timeline’. Many users with developer account already had Timeline activated on their profile but rest of the world had to wait till it was officially rolled out for everyone. And yesterday Facebook officially announced Timeline for everyone on the web.

Facebook Timeline for Android

Followed to that, today Facebook officially announced ‘Timeline’ on Facebook application for Android along with ‘’. No mercy for iOS users as they didn’t get Timeline yet. Availability for iOS will be coming soon but this time Android got a feature update of Facebook application before iOS could get.

The mobile version of Timeline is same to that of browser version (Desktop). You can see all the events placed one after in a chronological order like the browser version. Both Android application and mobile web version has this functionality, but Android users get some additional features like swiping through the photos horizontally to make it appear big on Timeline.

Looks interesting right?

How to get it on your Android phone?

Step One: Open Android Market from your Home screen or app drawer.

Step Two: Once Android Market is loaded, open menu and go to ‘My Apps’ option.

Step Three: In few seconds you will see a list of applications, hunt for ‘Facebook’ application and tap ‘Update’ button located to the right of the app.

Step Four: If asked, login with your Google ID and wait till then application is updated.

Step Five: Once it is done, leave Android Market and open Facebook application.

Step Six: Login to your account, go to your wall and see the change. Enjoy!

How to get it on iPhone or iPod Touch?

Step One: Open App Store from your home screen.

Step Two: Once the App Store is loaded, navigate to Updates tab.

Step Three: You will see list of Apps available for update, hunt for Facebook app and press the UPDATE button.

Step Four: App Store will ask you to login with your Apple ID, enter your ID and password and continue.

Step Five: Your update will start downloading. After it is done, just quit App Store and launch Facebook app.

Step Six: Login to your account, go to your wall and see the change. Enjoy!

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