Facebook taking User Votes to change Privacy Policies with Site Governance Vote

Back In 2009, Facebook held its first global site governance vote. The process included a notice of changes, a commenting period, and a possible voting period. The company again, has opened the floor for discussions from members owing to the active protest against introduction of some of the recent changes in website’s privacy policy. Yes, Facebook Site Governance Vote is again asking its one billion users to vote on their latest round of proposed revisions of the privacy policy.

Facebook Site Governance Vote

Facebook Site Governance Vote is a page where users can voice their opinion as to which documents should serve as the foundation for governing the site after understanding the policies and practices of the website which comply with the law.

Users can give their suggestions/feedback and find few of them incorporated in the proposed changes. This is however stipulated to one condition: changes to the proposed revisions can be made only if more than 30% of all active registered users vote. If the turnout is less than 30%, the votes will considered as advisory.

Voting is already open and users have until Friday, June 8, time to vote on the social network’s proposed revisions to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) and Data Use Policy.

How to enter voting on Facebook Site Governance Page?

Step1 – Click here to direct yourself to Facebook Site Governance page where you will be greeted by a brief introductory message.

Step2 – There you will find an ‘Enter Voting’ option. Click the option to access the following links ( The links will help you learn more about Facebook’s proposed revisions to its SRR and Data Use Policy, as well as the system of governance on which you’ll be voting):

  1. An explanation of changes to the SRR.
  2. The revised SSR as of April 20.
  3. An explanation of changes to the data use policy.
  4. The proposed data use policy as of May 11.
  5. The current SRR, dated April 26, 2011.

Step3 – you can read he documents on proposed revisions and then click ‘Continue’ to move to the voting page. Here, you can choose between the proposed documents and the existing documents and submit your vote.

So whether you approve of Facebook’s privacy policy changes or not, let it know. VOTE!!

Source – Facebook Newsroom.