Factors to be considered while buying a Laptop

The electronics market is getting flooded with new laptops every day. Plus, there are many upcoming models too. How do you decide what is best for you? What factors should be considered while buying any? Check out our post.

Factors to be considered while buying a laptop:

  1. Form factor: The first criteria that needs to be fulfilled or managed is the form factor of your laptop. A good and normal laptop should be thin and light (like MacBook), the normal weight of a widescreen laptop should be around 3-3.5 KG. The another factor you should keep in mind is the build quality, whether the laptop is scratch proof or not, remember one thing if you want something really portable, look for scratch proof textured plastic body as it would make the laptop light.
  2. System Configuration: This depends on your budget, if your budget is high, you can get an awesome laptop with high-end configuration, but if your budget is low you will have to compromise. The main things to look in the system configuration are the Processor and the Graphic configuration. The other components such as RAM and the Hard Disk can be dealt after some time as when you feel like the Hard Disk is unable to fulfill your demands, you can buy a new USB portable Hard Drive and if you feel like the RAM is less you can use any of the USB pen drives that can work as a RAM. Now a days the laptop comes with an extra port for RAMs. So, while buying a laptop keep your main focus on the processor and the Graphic Configuration, grab the best you can get in your budget.
  3. Connectivity: In spite of portability and configuration, another thing you should keep in mind is the connectivity options, a laptop should be able to connect with all kinds of devices such as USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, etc. A good connectivity options in a mid-ranged laptop are:
    • USB2.0 x 2 ports
    • USB3.0 x 1port
    • HDMI port
    • VGA Port
    • Audio Jacks
    • LAN port
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • Different memory card support
    • Extendable ram ports
    • Charger port (obvious)
  4. Touch and type: Accidental palm touch still remains an issue with most of the laptops. It is really annoying so next time you buy a laptop check if it is powered by ergonomic chick let keyboard technology and that the track pad recognizes between your hand and palm.
  5. Sound: When you buy a laptop, do check its speakers, the build quality of speakers and which company has manufactured them. Altec Lansing speakers are the best inbuilt speakers for the laptops these days.
  6. Battery Backup: Your laptop should have a good battery backup. These days 6 cell and 8 cell batteries are popular, so make sure that your laptop is powered by a 6 or 8 cell battery.

7. Hard Disk: If you look for a good laptop you should check for the Hard Disk, the hard disk should be minimum of 500 GB but if the laptop offers less, then no worries you can buy a new external hard disk even. However, make sure that the internal hard disk is minimum of 500 GB and the writing speed and the reading speed of that Hard Disk should be perfect.
8. Operating System: Operating system is one of the most important factor to look for when you buy your laptop, OS is the only component that makes your experience better with your laptop. If you love coding or you are an open source enthusiast, then you should look for any Linux OS such as Ubuntu or Free DOS. However, if you don’t have much knowledge about OS it is better to stick to machine having Genuine Windows 7 or 8 installed.
Hope you enjoyed our tips for buying a laptop. If you have any more tips that you want to suggest to our readers, do share them in the comment section below.

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