Factors to be considered while buying a new Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are most popular these days. People consider buying ultrabooks because they are thin, portable and light. Portability is the most essential factor to be considered while buying a Notebook/Laptop/Ultrabook. Would you just go to the Ultrabook store and ask for any Ultrabook? Wouldn’t you check its features, specs and other factors first? That is why we are here to help you out in this matter and suggest you some tips that you should consider while buying a Ultrabook.

What is an Ultrabook?

Before we start, let me tell you what basically ultrabooks are. Ultrabooks are high-end notebooks introduced by Intel. They are thin, light, portable and equipped with high end graphics. Ultrabooks are easy to carry as they are very thin.

In this post we will not mention specs, and other related features. Check out our common laptop buying guide.

Factors to be considered while buying an Ultrabook

1. Portability: If an Ultrabook is not portable, it is not called Ultrabook, it is called Notebook. When you buy your ultrabook make sure that it is portable, weighs less and it is easy to carry. A normal ultrabook should weigh around 2.5-3 pounds.

2. Rigidity: If your ultrabook is as thin as a Cardboard, it needs to be as strong as metal. Make sure that your ultrabook is rigid; no damage should occur if you apply some pressure or put some weight over it. And even check the quality of body make material.

3. Display: The ultrabooks usually comes with thin LED displays which are very thin and should be handled with care, so when you buy an ultrabook see whether the make material of the Screen is good or not. Also check if the screen has good resolution and a better High Graphics functionality.

4. Speed: You might think, that you wouldn’t get a good processor in these cardboard look-alike notebooks but you aren’t right, check for processor and its speed before you buy an ultrabook. Normally the processors in ultrabooks are powered by Intel i series, most commonly used is Core i5/i7.

5. It’s Hot:  As ultrabooks are quite thin, sometimes they aren’t provided with some cooling technology but you aren’t going to make this mistake as you buy your ultrabook. Make sure that the ultrabook doesn’t sound odd or becomes hot after some time, say 1-2 hrs.

So, mentioned above were all the factors that you should consider while buying an ultrabook. If you are looking for some other tips regarding Specs and all, please visit our laptop buying guide.