Several Fake Apple Stores In China – Now called Smart Stores!

For over years now, Apple has occupied the top-slot and the entire product range has seen a stupendous success. So, is it this popularity or what, which is making some places a habitat for Apple’s fake stores.  Recently, many fake Apple stores have seen the light in Kunming, China, which are completely unauthorized for selling their products. But, what is interesting is their striking resemblance to the original stores.

fake Apple stores

These stores are running over the years with all the products including Macs, iPhones, iPads and probably everything from Apple’s desk.

As per the internet sources, it is heard that this Kunming’s store owner was earlier an authorized Apple reseller, but later lost his license. He is currently involved in selling the grey market hardware and acquires the market securities from Apple resellers. And, what’s even more surprising is that the store is still open and doing business as usual.

Apple fake store

If you have tried locating the original Apple stores in China, then you might have found them in the main cities, but in Kunming all that you see is these fake stores (you might probably find one or two genuine ones).

fake Apple stores

Well, from a popular news source on the internet, it has been revealed that nearly twenty two unauthorized fake stores have been discovered, using the exact or almost similar logo of Apple. One such store has managed to get the almost real look of the Apple Store. Though, it really is a concern for Apple in China, but tourists are enjoying every bit of their visit to these stores and are clicking snaps in front of them.

fake Apple stores in China

Not only a smart shopper, be a responsible one also

Here are some numbers for your information:

  • Total number of Apple stores worldwide – 333
  • Number of original Apple stores in China – 4
  • Number of fake apple stores in Kunming alone – 22

All said and done, there seem to be many more stores that are still not uncovered. As of now, let us wait and watch how Apple reacts to these issues in China.