Best 5 Fashionable and Innovative Laptop Carry Cases – Price, Features

Serving the basic necessity of the product (a carry case) Laptop carry bags are often picked by users as a fashionable accessory rather than for simply carrying Laptops in a secure manner these days. With more and more people opting for the usage of Laptops, they need to show them off in a fashionable manner and use of laptop carrying case has become trend now.

For those who like to make a style statement, we have collected here 5 fashionable and innovative designed carry bags that you need to show off.

1: Targus SonicPak Speaker Backpack:

Apart from being a laptop carry case, SonicPak Speaker Backpack is also a music centre like in old days you might have seen people (with craze of music) used to carry transportable music centers around the city as it was a trend at that time. Now, The SonicPak Speaker Backpack enables you to plug your music player into the bag and you can now share music with people nearby you. This bag is equipped with quality sound speakers in a sporty laptop case. Featuring advanced NXT technology, which distributes complex sound using a flat panel format.

Price: $29.00

2: Built NY Laptop Backpack:

Not one to just follow the crowd, Built have come up with interesting design on Neoprene laptop case. This case enables user to stick their 12-17 inch laptop right on their back together with textbooks,  LAN party Flyer and other stuffs. There are few small compartments to store your peripherals and accessories. Another reason your laptop is secure, this backpack is water and stain resistant and also machine washable.

Price: $29.95

3: Nhil Heist Laptop Backpack:

This unique slim-line laptop backpack looks trendy professionally as well as casual wear. The Nhil Heist is designed back-to-front. The Laptop sleeve is suspended away from your back allowing you extra padding space between it and you. Inside it the main compartments gives you the space to hold your laptop up to 17 inch size, two additional zippered external pockets that can be accessed without taking bag off your shoulder. And also adds up the features like flexible and accessible cargo space, embossed neoprene-padded carry handle for your maximum comfort, tough built, completely water proof.

Price: $200.00

4: Crumpler’s Private Zoo Laptop Backpack

Crumpler’s Private Zoo Case is a very simple yet stylish design with no bells, no fripperies or luxury, just a lifetime-guaranteed, very comfortable to wear. This carrier can work you as a light weighing laptop carrier case cum school bag cum gets whatever you need to fit in. also features “perspiration control” by introducing air mesh padding at the rear and underside of its harness, a life time guarantee, covered with water resistant material and a safety reflector at the rear of the bag so that person carrying bag stays highly visible after dark.

Price: $85.00

5: Booq Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger Bag:

You get many of stylish laptop bags in the market but this bag additional to being trendy provides you security services called Terralinq. Company provides an attachment with unique code inside each bag, register the bag and that unique code creates your identity. If in case your bag is missing or stolen, Booq will be able to contact you and arrange for the return of your bag. Other than security feature the bag is compact, lightweight and combines a messenger bag style with a professional look. The exterior fabric is crafted with water resistant material. Hence you carry a laptop in more secure and more fashionable manner.

Price:  $89.95