FIFA 12 PC, the hit soccer simulator by EA Sports, Review

FIFA 12, the hit soccer simulator by EA Sports has released their latest offering, FIFA 12 and we at TGC are here to review it before you buy it.

First of all, as you might know, FIFA 12 is the official licensed product of FIFA, i.e Fédération Internationale de Football Association. As the game is endorsed by the organisation, it is sure to become a worldwide hit. And with such gameplay, it trounces even Konami in this area!

FIFA 12 has few fresh new features that were being waited for! Some of them are the Impact Engine, Tactical Defending, and Precision Dribbling. An improved artificial intelligence system named Pro Player Intelligence aims to make AI-controlled players react to the skills and capabilities of other players with appropriate actions. A new camera angle has also been introduces, apart from richer and better graphics than its predecessor, FIFA 11.


The gameplay is an area where EA has worked a lot, whether it is the character rating or dribbling, everything is top notch. The quality of stadia is awesome, but the fans do look a bit funny at times. I was there controlling, my favourite player, Javier Chicharito Hernandez and found that character modelling is improved. Chicharito does look more like the original one! There is a good simulation of a club before each match, with each day passing out with some new news! The foul system is quite improved over a buggy one in FIFA 11. What I love is the new interface, easiest to use with a controller, but comfortable with keyboard as well. The key layout is roughly the same.

The passing action has been improved, but I found the older dribbling better as it was easier. The clubs in FIFA 12 are all licensed, like the predecessors. All new jersey kits and player transfers are updated in the game.


In a match between ManU and Tottenham ,the old trafford does look like the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, even with the advertisements springing up at times. The crowd is also biased and if you play in Old Trafford, the ManU supporters are more active. The players are quite detailed at times and some shots look so realistic, that they make you go wow! The crowd needs some work, though and also the replays are a bit quirky at times. The game ran well on my Radeon HD5670, with no issues of graphics at all at 1600×900 video resoulution.

OnlineOn my PC the online mode was a bit quirky, so I installed a patch, and it worked  occasionally..The new online friendly was awesome, with me and my friend having a really awesome time. The other modes couldn’t be tried out by me due to some bug issues.
MusicLike every year, EA has selected some awesome music for the game. The tracks, like a radio station are played out and you can add your own tracks too! And the music inbuilt doesn’t include just niche singers, but nice commercial songs are also available, most of which are in English.Voice Acting/ CommentaryThis is a field where the game does need some improvements. Although the commentators are nice and adapt according to the situation, but after a few games, the dialogues start getting too repetitive..Bad experience, I must say.


Realism is the most important factor of a simulation, be it driving or sports, in this case the latter. The game does feel realistic in the terms of stadiums and players, along with fixtures, transfer windows, manager mode etc. In the game itself, dribbling and tackling are not that realistic, but passing looks a great deal like the original. Even the referee is really well done and the players seem to react well. Injuries, substitutions etc. add more effects to the game. The celebrations are strange though!

Final Verdict

FIFA 11 was a nice game, and FIFA 12 is even better. It addresses various issues in the previous game and with new game modes, it is an awesome game, any sports fan or gamer shouldn’t miss!

Scores (Out of 10)

Graphics 8
Gameplay 8
Music 9
Realism 8.5
Voice Acting 7
Overall 8

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