Firmware Update for Leica M9 Digital Camera is now available

Leica has released a firmware update for the Leica M9 digital camera this week. Camera performance, the sensor homogeneity for wide-angle lenses (which was minimizing chromatic deviations between image centre and image corner, especially in critical shooting situations), internal processes will be updated to improve overall system stability and some minor bugs are also fixed in this Leica M9 full frame digital rangefinder camera firmware upgrade version 1.162.

After releasing the Leica M8 in 2009 the M9 brand got the immense popularity since its first day sale. Many new features available in this rangefinder digital camera made it unique and popular, which is specified below. Now, the additional firmware update makes this even stronger and high performer.

Specifications of Leica M9

  • Built with Kodak KAF-18500 CCD sensor, the 18 Megapixel (5,212 x 3,472 pixels) digital camera (The ACR input allows a 25.1MP (6,144 x 4,088 pixel) selection, when opened with Photoshop- which feels like other 25MP traditional cameras)
  • You can compress the images captured in two formats- Basic and Fine.
  • You can shoot both JPG and DNG at the same time or either at a time.
  • Rotation sensor is present in this camera.
  • M9 automatically applies dark-frame subtraction with exposures longer than 2 seconds for Noise reduction.
  • 5 levels of contrast, 5 levels of saturation and 4 levels of sharpening options are available.
  • You won’t need the thumb lever to charge the shutter, as on other Leica cameras. It has built in advanced Shutter changer motor drive.
  • Leica M9 features the slowest ISO than any camera.
  • You can select the aperture on lens.
  • 4 User profiles are available in M9.
  • LED symbol for flash status
  • Four-digit LED display with dots above and below
  • Brightness automatically adjusted depending on ambient brightness
  • 2.5″ TFT LCD (with 230,000 pixels)
  • Leica M-TTL flash is compatible in M9. M-TTL guide number control with pre-flash is featured for connection. Short calibration for pre-flash is available immediately before main exposure.
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed with Mini-B connector (Mass storage and PTP are available.)
  • Dimensions: 139 x 80 x 37 mm and weight: 589 grams.

Visit the official download website of Leica for more information on firmware update improvements and Install instructions. You will find the download link for the update instructions, installation file and change-log of the firmware version separately over there.