How to Fix iPhone 4S Battery Drain?

Some of the iPhone 4S owners are facing critical issue with their battery life. Earlier this issue was readily found in the boxed iPhone 4S but company later fixed it in the iOS 5.0.1 update. I personally never experienced this issue with any of the iPhone 4S that I used. One common thing among those who are complaining about this is their devices are jailbreaked.

iPhone 4S battery issue

I have compiled some quick tips to prevent the battery draining issue on your jailbreaked iPhone 4S.

You can always preserve your battery by keeping the brightness low and keeping the 3G or Data connection off; it’s the key for getting a longer battery life. Other options include keeping WiFi and Bluetooth off.

Now if you have jailbreaked your device, you have obviously installed some jailbreak tweaks along with jailbreaked apps and homebrews. Homebrews and cracked apps don’t affect the battery as long as they are not running but tweaks and add-ons certainly affect your battery life.

The Mobile Substrate (tweaks) are always running all over in the background, it uses some of your battery. So make sure this tweaks count is low, more number of tweaks will affect the battery life. LibWeather is equally responsible for draining battery life. It might happen that not all the tweaks that you have installed support iOS 5, so even if they work they may cause battery draining issue. So just remove unwanted tweaks.

Heavy Winterb0ard and Dreamb0ard themes can also affect the battery life. So I recommend you to keep your customization minimalistic.

Even there is a Cydia tweak named iOS 5 battery fix, it does work sometimes but it never did in my case. I don’t recommend it but still you can try using it.

The above methods certainly fixes the battery draining issue for iPhone 4S, if you are facing similar problem with any of your device, you can try the same.