Four of the Many Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) For Businesses

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software that is hosted by the vendor and rented out by customers. It is similar to outsourcing, a company can outsource a specialized company to take care of a specific part of the business. Companies, in the last decade, started using this technique as it elevates a big chunk of costs that are required when using on-premise software. SaaS is hosted on a cloud and can be accessed by clients through the web or an API. There are several advantages of SaaS that can be beneficial to your business, here are four of them.


Let’s be honest, the cost is one of the main factors when choosing software for your company. SaaS can lower the cost as you rent instead of purchasing it. When you get SaaS, you don’t have to pay purchase or installation fees. Additionally, the company won’t be responsible for any updates or upgrades, as the vendor automatically rolls them out on the cloud and you reap the benefits of these updates without the added expense. When you purchase on-premise software, you pay for all its features even if you will not use them, while it lets you pay for the features you will only use. Small businesses started relying heavily on it as they no longer have to take a financial risk on buying expensive software, thanks to the subscription-based method that it offers.

Saving Time

If you save time, you save money, it is that simple. Instead of going through the long installation and configuration processes of on-premise software, all you need to do is have an internet connection and log in to the vendor’s cloud to access your SaaS application. Moreover, the maintenance responsibilities will be shifted from your IT department to the vendor when using it which removes the downtime and the extra hours. Finally, SaaS applications usually have a smaller learning curve which means you will save time on training employees on the new software.


When using traditional software, you might need to change hardware across the company to ensure it is compatible with the new application. On the other hand, updates can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. In some cases, compatibility issues may arise as there will be differences in the versions used by the employees. These compatibility issues can be handled by hiring the services of an angular development company that will provide custom SaaS software that can efficiently cover your needs. In addition, the creation of no version discrepancies is possible as well. Each user logged into the system will be using the upgraded version immediately. Getting rid of its maintenance and incompatibility will ensure that your company will have more productivity.

Security and Backups

Cloud-based software has become more secure as the vendors continue to implement the latest security measures and protocols which can be tricky to install if your company doesn’t have a security specialist. On the other hand, hackers look for breaches in popular on-premise software to gain access to company data which can cost them a huge amount of money. With SaaS, you have assurance about security because the vendor is responsible for it and will fix it if anything happens. Furthermore, your data will always have a backup as it is on the cloud. SaaS vendors ensure that their client’s data is safe by securing a backup on different servers, meaning that even if a server went down, your workflow won’t be affected because you will have access to your data.

What to Look Out For When Using SaaS?

It is essential that you use SaaS made by a reputable company for several reasons, one of which is performance. Its performance can get affected by the machine or server host, so you must know what kind of hardware the vendor is using and how SaaS performs. Keep in consideration that you partially lose control over the software you are using but it can be remedied if it was custom made for your company’s needs. Finally, the internet connection must be working well so your workforce can use the software.

SaaS applications give businesses flexibility more than ever, as they can use the applications anywhere and anytime as long as they have the login credentials. It also removes the headache of installation, configuration, updating, and other complicated processes that are typically done while using traditional software. Small businesses started using this kind of software as it saves them time and money that can be invested in expanding the business. SaaS is a field worth exploring as it might change the way business is done forever.

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