4 Free Android Apps to check Battery Status

Android phones are software stack for mobile devices that includes operating system, middleware and key applications. There are lots of advantages for using Android phones. But if the battery life is down then the features in it are useless. Hence battery life plays an important role in a phone. The android phones battery gets drained very soon because of its functionality.

There is a feature in this phone which helps you to analyze which is killing your battery, but that doesn’t give any clear idea of why the battery is getting drained. Therefore we can make use of third-party app and find the clear cut idea about the utility of your battery. Here are the 4 freeware android applications for checking battery stats.

Battery Monitor Widget

4 Free Android Applications For Checking Battery Stats

It is a low consumption battery monitor which shows the capacity, charge/discharge (mA & mW), voltage, temperature and remaining time estimates of the battery. It also shows %, temperature and mA in status bar,shows and saves battery history, shows zoomable/scrollable graphics. Estimate time for the battery to get discharged. It can also disable the history/graphics for even lower consumption.

Smart Battery Monitor

It is a free android application which displays the battery details. The details are expressed as a percentage and show the temperature of the battery in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The application also shows the elapsed time of the phone since the last charge and time since it was plugged in. This application can be customized with additional theme. But the theme is available as additional application which is to be downloaded.

Battery indicator

4 Free Android Applications For Checking Battery Stats

Battery indicator shows the exact level of the battery in percentage. It shows the battery level as an icon on the status bar of the phone. It also shows the temperature, health, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area. It is very simple, light weighted and straight forward, it is easy to use and it shows whether any USB connector is connected to it.

Battery saver

This battery saver is established to save the power and extent the battery life. It is powerful and easy to use power manager app. It automatically monitors the battery draining components like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Sync at device lock showing the battery status like capacity, temperature, voltage, and charging status, etc.

The above mentioned applications are best to use, and never install more than one application of same type because installation of excessive app is also a reason for the power to get drained.