Free Angry Birds Alternative Games for Windows Phone

Angry Birds for Windows Phone has just been released. But if you are looking out for some free – or almost free – alternatives to Angy Birds, you might want to check out these Windows Phone games too.

Boss Launch 2 comes with 70 levels and 5 Episodes. Zombies have invaded your office and the only ammunition you have is your Boss! All you need to do is throw your Boss at the Zombies. This game is completely free.

Chicks ‘N’ Vixens was released a few months back and in a short while has become very popular. The game play is more or less the same. But here you get to throws the chicks at the vixens! Costs $0.99 only.

Pandas V/s Ninjas has a free version and paid version too if you are looking for more levels and play. Here you have to help the Panda’s defend their homeland by fighting off the Ninja invaders and destroying their camps. It has a free version and a paid version too that costs a mere $0.49.

Thanks for the tip Sagar.

If the marketplace is not available in your region or country you can use WP7 MarketPlace Enabler and install the games.

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