3 Free Blackberry Photo editor apps

Picture collection is a best way to keep in touch with memories. A well pictured (good pixels) image always stays in mind for long. Blackberry can be the device to help you in this collection of memories, but for that you need to have blackberry photo editor app.

These apps can help you edit the image and make it much more precious and attractive. Here are the best 3 photo editing app for blackberry-


Automatic frame

3 Free Blackberry Photo editor apps
Automatic frame comes up with many features to deserve to fit into your blackberry. You can rotate the image in any angle, Premium President Frame theme which delivers the photo frame for you in homescreen, Wallpaper Shifter is the very best mini app which enables you to authorize the photos to slide according to your preference. Therefore the wallpaper will automatically display the selected photos. The variety of themes makes it more attractive.


Ascendo photos

It is one of the best applications available for blackberry phone; this app allows you to discover, add, edit, move from one gallery to another and transfer images from your desktop over a data cable or via Bluetooth. You can display image in different views like thumbnail, zoom in, out, send by email or mms, slide show and many more.

3 Free Blackberry Photo editor apps
The benefits of using ascendo photos is that You can optimize your images on a desktop computer and get the most out of them on your Blackberry, can transforms your Blackberry into a multimedia companion in addition to being a valuable professional tool.

FotoStream free

3 Free Blackberry Photo editor apps

Fotostream lets you edit you images, manage, organize and watch your photos and videos, you can get all your favorite images & photos at one place, easy to collect and authorize your favorite content, easy search across Bing, Google, Picasa & Flickr, can also get the photo stream from your Flickr account directly from this application. The image can be searched can be zoomed in & the stream of images can be viewed at any time.

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