Best Free Downloadable Games for Android Phones

Numerous free downloadable games are coming up regularly for Android phones. Unlike its Apple counterpart, gaming on Android has become popular very recently. Nevertheless, believe me gaming on Android is really an experience to cherish!

Now,  let’s look at some of these free games:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The wild game of Angry Birds is now available in Android platform although it was originally made for iPod and iPads.  This game has massive popularity among Android users. It was initially available at download from app store GetJar but now you can be found it at the Android Market.


Word Feud


word feud

Word Feud is one of the most absorbing word games for Android users. It facilitates multiplayer gaming by offering the option of inviting players from your Android’s list.


Robo Defense

Robo defense

Robo Defense is more of a strategic game. Players need to build defensive towers to protect their ground from monster invasion. This game has excellent graphical interface to give you incredible gaming experience.


Gem Miner

Gem Miner is a fun game in which players need to dig out their fortunes from mines filled with metals and valuable stones.

A paid version of Gem Miner called, Dig Deeper, is also available in market.


The Red Stone

red stone

The Red Stone is perhaps the best among the available square-shuffling games on Android. Its puzzles are really hard to solve but very interesting and engaging.



Newton is one of the excellent games available on Android platform now. It’s a mathematical/ physics based challenge. Developers are still adding more levels to it.


Sketch Online

This is a fun game available both free [beta version] and in paid forms. It’s a sociable guessing game in which players make drawings and then strive for identifying what they have actually sketched.




The Drop is a game that indicates accuracy of Android’s acceleometer with bouncing balls falling on the platform. It’s really easy and fun to play this game.


Frozen Bubble

frozen bubble

Frozen Bubble is just similar to any other firing gems. You might have done that on millions of occasions but if you like such games then don’t waste your time. Just go and download.


Replica Island

This game is extremely easy to play with Android trackballs. It’s popular and easy to play.



It’s another color-based puzzle where you need to arrange squares of same colors in order. ConnceToo’s simple gaming concept is brilliant and enjoyable.

According to me these are some free games that you can just download and enjoy playing on your Android.