Three Free Online RSS Feed Creators

RSS feed (short form of RDF Site Summary Feed) is a great way to catch up desired blogs and sites without actually visiting them. You get to view the title of the posts and read a brief introduction about them at the same time. Thus, it is a good time saver and also helps in saving valuable bandwidth just in case you happen to have a pay-as-per-use Internet plan.

Here is a list of three services that allow you to create RSS feeds online! These prove handy if your favorite websites don’t have one.


Owned by Google, it is one of the most popular feed aggregators. It is simple and fast to use. Just Log in with your Google Account and add a name for your feed i.e. the site with which your feed is associated and Feedburner does the rest for you! Really handy for all bloggers!

Check out the feedburner feed for The Geeks Club


This also is a very handy service which creates fast and free feeds for your site. You can even choose the encoding, and if you’re more ambitious, even the extraction rules for the feed! And did I mention the fact that you can also create custom feed templates? Although this service is more customizable, but loses place to Feedburner as the latter is the simplest!


Another service that does the same job as the two mentioned above. Formerly known as Feed Digest, this service has an extra edge over the others. You can splice feeds together, filter them for keywords and most importantly – display them dynamically on a web page with just a little bit of code. There are other services that do all of these things, but Feed.Informer is so quick and easy to use that it is worth checking out. It mixes the simplicity of Feedburner and Customizability of Feed43.

Verdict: Of these three, I’d recommend Feedburner to an average Joe while an experienced webmaster should go for Feed.Informer. Feed43 can also be used, but it’s not that good and fast.