3 Free Photoshop like Online Editors

Photo editing tools have become must for everyone; people love to share their photo collection and to present that collection in a better way- editing tools play an important role. Photoshop is one of the software which can mend any type of photo to any unexpected form. Instead of installing the software this work can be merely done using online application which are almost as good as the Photoshop. Here are the best 3 application available online for photo-editing.

Sumo paint

Sumo paint is rated as the best online app available as an alternative to adobe Photoshop. It consists of lot of tools and option which can change your picture presentation to larger extent. It is completely an online application, so no need to install any software. There is no registration process too; hence the process becomes even more simple. You just have to switch to your browser, open sumo paint, load the image and can start working on it. It provides you all sort of comforts which you experience in Photoshop.

As soon as you get into the site, you can simply ‘open sumo paint’ option on the top bar. A new page will open in a new window; you can load the image in that page from the computer or from the web. The option consist of 3D effects, light effects, blur options, sharpen, layer, duplicate layer, layer effects, texture and many other tools available in photoshop.


You can call Pixlr as the duplicate of photoshop because it is no less than photoshop. You can directly load the image from the system or the web; can start working in it like cropping, cutting, editing and can also retouch your DSLR photographs. The result concluded will be as good and professional like Photoshop’s output. The implicit quality of the pilxr is unknown to many.

Did you ever try changing the background of the image directly from webpage? Yes! This is possible. Instant Image Editor Extension for chrome allows you to edit any image or background image instantly by alt + right-clicking it! Google chrome uses pixlr to make this possible. Therefore you can use pixlr anywhere instantly on your Google Chrome with pixlr extension.

Splash up

Splash which is formally Fauxto is not only an editing tool, but also a photo manager. It comes out as a fully featured online editing tool which allows you to edit images, manipulate layers with filters, casual photographers to pro’s, amateur photographers usage is also possible. Apart from this it consists of some special features like pixel level control, layers of depth, multiple images editing tool etc.

It is easy to use and can run in all browsers, can edit more than one image at a time, integrates seamlessly with top photo-sharing sites and has its own file format. Hence this is very effective and easy usage application available to benefit you with its simplicity.