5 best free speech or voice recognition software

Voice recognition software is used as alternative of typing on keyboard. It permits user to talk to his computer and watch  words appear on the computer screen, overcoming all  spelling and typing difficulties, as it houses an in-built understanding of the English language. The software studies audio-input signals and translates them into text.

Use a microphone which works well with the soundcard of the computer. One of the microphones that works well with computer sound cards is ‘Electret’.

voice recognition

To get proficient with the voice recognition software, stick to the following tips,

Learn to speak clearly- Your sentence and phrase delivery should be clear enough to be recognized by the software. It is therefore advisable to train yourself a bit, to speak without the act of pausing uncertainly.

voice recognition

voice recognition

Rectify mistakes– Improve your speaking accuracy with careful dictation and necessary corrections. There can be instances where your computer can misinterpret certain words that you speak so ‘proof-read’ them and make the changes accordingly. You can make the corrections just by a mouse click or through your voice.

Format the text– Text can be edited. Highlight the text or lines to be changed by using ‘select line’ and ‘select paragraph’ commands and speak to your computer.

Applying formatting is very straight. For instance, if a document has the phrase ‘to all intents and purposes’ then this phrase can be underlined by saying ‘Select- to all intents and purposes’ and then saying ‘underline it’. If you are not accustomed to the voice recognition software refer to the user manual which always comes with the software package.

Many voice recognition software are available in the market today. Windows 7 or Vista endorses an inbuilt voice recognition program ‘Windows Speech recognition’ that has good recognition rates and is quite user-friendly.

Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition program distributed by Nuance is recognized as the leader in the market. some other programs that might interest you are,

  • Ivona- it has very good dependable activity to convert texts into speech and supports variety of voices with high speech quality.
  • eSpeak- this software can exist and work in harmonious combination with Windows operating system.
  • Modulator  Audio Recognition Framework- it is an assemblage of of voice, texts, and algorithms written in java that can be used as a source of learning.
  • Emacspeak- it is an amusing application that allows efficient interaction between visually impaired individuals and the computer.