10 Free Tools A Blogger Must Have

Success in blogging relies on a profound strategy used by a blogger. And, strategy depends on either paid or free service which is called organic or inorganic blogging strategy.

Organic blogging strategy is the free form of creating blocks forming a strong foundation towards blogging success. When you say FREE, it means there is no cash, figure or payments involved and this is what blogger wants, like you and so as me too. Every one of us want it for free. Right?

My experience as a  blogger, I acquired the best free techniques that helped optimize my blog to enhance its quality performance, have more visits, more subscribers and more earnings as these are the major concerns of a blogger why they blog. For you to be able to meet its standard qualities of a high-performance blog, you must have to grab these top 10 Free Tools I have listed for you.

10 Free Tool you Must Have

Google Analytics – It is one of the best free tool in blogging that enables you to track the performance of your blog. It shows you how people came across your blog, how many times they visit, how long did they scan-over your blog, how they explored it and therefore you will know how to enhance your user experience. Google Analytics helps you improve your blog return on investment and make money out of it. It helps you analyze the data performance of your blog and help you optimize towards its excellent quality performance.

FeedBurnerIt is a free blogging Tool that provides a custom RSS feeds of your blog. It enables you to create a free subscription widgets and chicklets so that visitors can easily subscribe to your blog. FeedBurner also is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and gain profits like displaying ads such as Google Adsense.

Google Translator – It is a free statistical translation machine that enables user to translate specific section of your blog, or your entire webpage into another language. With the use of Google Translator, visitors of your blog who doesn’t understand certain language you use on your blog can easily translate it to their specific language they like which is very useful to engage more your readers or visitors.

Google Adsense – It is the number one advertising program offered by Google that allows you to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on your blog. If the ads are displayed on your blog, basically, you can make money out of it through per clicks (PPC/Pay Per Click). Adsense allows to optimize your earning by displaying ads either on search results, in your webpages or in mobile webpages and on in applications.

Among others, there are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs that allow you to earn money out of displaying relevant ads on your blog such as Amazon, ClickBanks, InfoLinks ( and other link ads affiliates) and other advertising programs that has good reputations.

Windows Live WriterIt is a desktop blog-publishing application that features photo and map publishing which helps you customize your blog post easily like photos and other graphics within your blog platform.

RaffleCopter It is a free blogging Tool that helps you create and publish your freebies and giveaways to the audience or visitors of your blog. With this Tool you can easily create a widget that displays and inform users your current freebies or giveaways.

Rafflecopter facilitates raffle promos and winning entries you hold either on your own blog or to your Facebook fan Page. This drives more visitors and return visits to your site.

Survey MonkeyAllows you to conduct free online surveys regarding  product or services you offer on your site or blog. This will help you build more strategy and techniques on how you will enhance the quality of your services and products you offered.

Google+ PageSince most (but not all) of the free blogging Tools are products of Google, google+ page is the most relevant page also to share your published posts. Google+ has unique extra features like Google Docs, Hangouts, free calls, and other extra services that can help you build more audience to your blog, to drive more traffic, more visits and more earnings.

Facebook Fan Page Part of blogging is social media, that’s why Facebook is here for you. Create a Fan Page for your blog so that people will know that your blog exists since almost all of the folks around the world are using Facebook. As they said, ‘put your net in place where fishes are in plays’. Therefore, spy people that you think  jives your inclined interest.

Twitter Enables you to follow your interest. And invite even millions in your circle. Your followers will become your potential customers.

With the above mentioned Free Tools in blogging, you should experience some success, if utilized carefully. With these Tools you would be able to build more rankings, drive more traffic, page ranks, more SEO and much more.