5 free tools to record Google+ Hangouts

Google+ is the one of the new leading social networking website from Google. It has got lots of good features which attract the user to use the wonderful network. One of the new features is a Google+ Hangout which is the most popular one but it not built in option to record them. The Google+ does not contain the built in option of Hangouts the user have to record the next Hangout for free. There are 5 free tools to record the Google+ Hangouts.

1: ScreenCastle:

ScreenCastle gives the ability to record the full screen or change the screen to any size by adjusting the pixel dimension. The ScreenCastle will record from the moment you hit the record until you stop the record. Then user has to upload the video in the website. ScreenCastle also auto-generates a preview image from the use footage.

2: Screenr:

Screenr is really slick, smooth and social. Negative point of this is that it allows the user to record up to 5mins only. Recording is browser based and the user can resize the recording window to suit they style. When the video is recorded the user can add to             YouTube and embed them to the website where the user wishes to upload.

3: Screencast-O-Matic:

This browser based utility is simple to use and comes tried, and recommended to the Google Plus user. In Screencast-O-Matic, once the user hits the start button you can resize the window how the user wants to hangout and then click on the red button to stop as soon as the user finishes the recording. The free version limits the recordings up to 15ins. When the video is completed the user can download to YouTube or other networks. The recordings have Screencast-O-Matic have logo on the bottom right of the video.

4: BB Flashback Express:

Windows user can download the Flashback Express from Blueberry Software. Job can be done but the program looks a little dated. This is made up of two parts- the player and the recorder. The recorder opens in a familiar looks like window and records the full screen and once the video is recorded the clip can be viewed in the player. This can be uploaded in YouTube or other networks. This contains no recording time limits like other allots the time for recording.

5: Pixetell:

Once video is downloaded, Pixetell sits at the middle top of the screen as a small back icon. When the user is ready to record just click over that icon and select “record screen’, it automatically select the most forward window that the user have open. This can be adjusted by clicking on another window or may be changing of the record box. Pixetell adds a round menu bar to display the pause, stop button to the users. When it’s recording, the video shrinks down to a tiny timer. And when it stops, the Pixetell player window opens. This offers a direct uploading video to the YouTube. The user can also review the clip as well as explore the share and export options.

Now tell me, which one of these methods you will use it to record your Hangout. If you are working in Dell, then you might be recorded in your Hangouts (as Dell will be using Google Hangout for Customer interactions and company meetings). Stay tuned in The Geeks Club for more Google Plus Tips and Tricks.