Free Web design Tools for beginners

Web designing is an art, the art of making designs for a website with attractive looks. Like any other art, web designing requires tools to get things done. In this post I am going to list tools that are absolutely free and can be very handy for beginners in web designing.

IDE- Integrated Development Environment

IDEs are designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing tightly-knit components with similar user interfaces. As we all know Web development is not all about just HTML and CSS. It requires some knowledge about advance scripting such as PHP, JavaScript and so on. In this case a rich feature set IDE is always necessary.

Some free CSS and HTML editors:

Aptana Studio 3 – It has interface similar to Eclipse and is good for beginners. It supports CSS3 and HTML5 features and includes a deploy feature which can help you deploy your project using the FTP. Aptana Studio 3 weighs about 140 MB .

Bluefish – Bluefish is a powerful editor targeting programmers and Web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages.

Here are Top 5 Open Source Software for Developers, Designers and Programmers.

Color Picker:

Color picker is a small application that helps you to grab color codes literally from anywhere on your screen. Just launch the application and hover the pointer over any color, the program gives you the HTML color code instantly.

Pixel Ruler:

Pixel Ruler is a virtual scale on your screen and can be used to find the measurement between objects in Pixels. This can be useful when you need to find the separation between different divisions on your website.

Photo Editing Software:(GIMP)

Catchy image on Web pages gives a pleasant look to your website. It is necessary to have a photo editing/designing application to get things done. GIMP fits best here. You can design all the borders, background images, header images and buttons using GIMP.

These are the beginners tools that can help you design attractive websites. If you are looking for something that has all the above features in it then Adobe Dreamweaver is the one. It is by far the best Web designing tool.

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