FreedomPop iPhone Sleve: Free 4g Internet and Wi-Fi hotspot Provider

FreedomPop, a Los Angeles based wireless Internet service provider has started taking pre orders for FreedomSleve, a case for iPhone 4/4s that provides “free” 4G wireless services, mobile hotspot and extra battery life. The company, at present is in growing stage and is trying to compete with other wireless service providers in the market. After using the iPhone Sleve you may plan and cancel your broadband connection or any other wireless data networks. Find out why?

Lookswise, the iPhone Sleve is rigid but iPhone fits easily into the case. At the back of the case there is a FreedomPop logo, and three light indicators, and a hole for camera. To place your iPhone into the case, all you need to do is hold the case in one hand and slide your iPhone from towards the bottom.

FreedomSleve offers good Internet speed. Besides speed, the case works as a hotspot and you can connect up to eight devices to the case. Remember when iPhone is inserted into this case it connects to FreedomSleve as a Wi-Fi connection and one advantage is that it also supports Face Time. Also, the case is capable of extending battery life of the phone up to 6 hours.

The case offers you a free 4G connection with which you get 500 MB data for every month. The data limit can be extended up to 1 GB at some specific cost. Company would surely increase the data limit once the product is out in the  market thereby allowing users to enjoy more cost-free Internet on their phones.

The company is offering Internet service via Clearwire’s WiMAX network and would be shortly available in all parts of U.S. The case is priced at $99 and is expected to be seen in the market in July or September. The preorder option is available, click here to preorder Freedom Sleve.