Galaxy Nexus arriving on Verizon with Android 4.0.2 in December

There is a phone out in the wild that will someday be headed to Verizon. This phone is being hyped more than the DROID Bionic, which is pretty hard to believe. Of course we’re speaking of the Galaxy Nexus, which is becoming a sort of mythological beast. We still have no release date, or even a pre-order date. In fact Verizon has barely said a word about it at all. But one thing we do know is it exists, and this picture is a reminder that it’s still out there.

November 17 was the date on which Europe saw the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the same date was in case of the U.S. market too. And The Galaxy Nexus arrived to Verizon four days later. The Galaxy Nexus available at Verizon online started November 21. The date is good because Black Friday is on December 2, 2011, so there will be a great chance for you to get your holiday shopping started with the Google-phone.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus is expected to land at the beginning of December, with rumors mentioning the 8th or 9th of next month. Until then, the phone not only popped up in the wild but also allegedly got an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

I guess getting the bugs fixed in the most anticipated phone is definitely “a must”, so they are wasting no time on doing that. No word on what exactly the Android 4.0.2 update fixes, but the word on the digital streets is that it is the dreaded volume bug that is affecting the GSM version of the Ice Cream Sandwich phone.  There is also still no official word on when the device will land in retails stores or online, which is getting us all kind of frustrated. We all might get ICS on our phones even before the first ICS device is running in the wild.Your phone of awesomeness is going to get even more awesome!

Verizon has remained silent on this front, so we’ll just have to sit tight and see if some magic happens in the morning. It would be a nice surprise, that’s for sure.

But Besides just seeing the device again there is word that an update has been sent to the Verizon G-NEX in the last day. This update puts it at Android 4.0.2 while the HSPA+ version is at 4.0.1.

Verizon will have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a coming days and a different version called the Nexus Prime will be available later for GSM carriers.

The Galaxy Nexus will be LTE capable, but not a global phone. LTE is a double edged sword right now. Blazing speed, but lousy battery life. It looks like the floodgates are opening on the Galaxy Nexus leaks and rumours. We’re less than a week away from Samsung and Google’s big day, but at this rate there won’t be anything left unknown by then.