Galaxy Nexus Root is Now Available

Galaxy Nexus, the latest Samsung Android IceCream Sandwich Phone, has already been rooted, although it is not yet available for purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime

Galaxy Nexus, only a few weeks ago, was officially introduced and is expected to hit the shelves from mid-November with the new IceCream Sandwich 4.0 OS on board.

Users will be able to root the new smartphone immediately after purchasing it; they will get what they want. The root method for Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus comes from the guys over MoDaCo and is said to be only temporary root (the Galaxy Nexus will revert back to its original state when rebooted).

They called the required file for rooting this mobile phone Superboot which is a boot.img that will install SU and the Superuser APK on the handset when booting up.

According to them this rooting method does not require playing with ABD or overwriting the ROM with which the Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with. They further elaborated that those who have the Galaxy Nexus in their hands will need to unlock the Bootloader inside the device first.

To root the Galaxy Nexus, users will need to have the file downloaded on their devices, and extracted to a directory. Then the users of Galaxy Nexus will have to enter Bootloader mode (press the volume up and volume down button at the same time when booting up the device).

For the next step, users will have to do various actions; depending upon the OS their PCs are running. For those who use Windows, they will just have to double click “install-superboot-windows.bat” to do the job.

On Mac and Linux, users will need to open a terminal window to the directory  where they extracted the said file then type ‘chmod+x’ followed by ‘/’ or chmod +x’ followed by ‘./install-superboot –’.