Galaxy Note II Featuring Flexible Screen Display to be Released in October

Smartphones are witnessing good sales. Everyday there is a new Smartphone out in the market by some or the other company claiming to have faster processor, good screen display, long-lasting battery, etc. latest, claiming to have all these  characteristics is Samsung. The company is planning to come up with “Samsung Galaxy Note II” with an ‘Unbreakable Plane Display’ (UBP). And it said to be flexible. This comes really as a news to users and Samsung lovers.

This may come in a 5.5 inch ‘unbreakable screen display’. And it may have certain characteristics to be bendable as it is the precursor to the flexible display. And this is maybe made possible by YOUM technology since they have announced earlier, if you remember, that they will help Samsung produce flexible display of smartphones.

According to rumors, the thinner display will give more space for the base band core chip and application processor, Keeping Galaxy Note II a slimmer smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II will be running on the Android operating system called the Android Jelly Bean which is said to have a more improved battery life and sturdiness, enough to protect the phone against accidental falls.

Multi-tasking will be possible as the phone will be equipped with a quad-core processor.

The soon-to-be-arrived Galaxy Note II will outperform the current Galaxy Note’s 8-megapixel camera since it may feature high resolution 12MP camera at its back.

Originally, Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Note II earlier this year, but decided last-minute to push the launch date a bit in an attempt to compete iPhone 5 – the MK Business News reports. The phone will be a “derivative model” of the Galaxy S3, so expect curved corners and pebble-like design.

Samsung has not yet made any official  statement on release date of Samsung Galaxy Note II but it is expected be seen somewhere around October, this year.