Gateway A60 Android Tablet Price, Specs and Availability

Gateway has played a smart role by release of Gateway A60 which looks like a little modified version of Acer Iconia A501. Seems like Gateway after the previous disaster of its 10 inch slate has not taken a risk and wants to be in a safer side. We can almost say that it’s just the name that is re-branded and not the features. If we take a close look at its specifications we can analyze that this is not the new entry into tablet market. Well Gateway is an Acer subsidiary from 2007, hence there should not be any misconception that the designs or features are stolen.

Gateway A60 Tech Specs

If you find the same specifications in Acer Iconia then don’t be surprised. Again it’s a 10.1 inch touchscreen display which is now common in all the tablets. Display has a resolution of 1200×800 pixels. Gateway runs on 1 GHz Tegra 2 dual core CPU.

The operating system used helps Gateway A60 to perform excellently so it’s a big thanks to Android 3.2 Honeycomb from Gateway. The device handles two cameras one at the rear end with 5 mega pixel with LED flash and other at the front with 2 megapixel which allows us to connect with our loved ones.

It holds all the basic features that tablets have. It provides with the normal connections from which we connect our device to other. It is Bluetooth, USB port, Wi-Fi or the HDMI port. Sounds like all the tablets will stick on to the same connectivity without any improvement. Extensive memory storage of about 16 GB contents available and expanded upto 32 GB as in Acer.

The battery quality and usage is exactly similar to Acer with its standard lithium ion and 6 hours of usage with heavy net browsing, video playing or any other additional usage. What makes Gateway different from Acer is actually nothing then it is up to the user which tab are they going to opt as its just the color and design that varies.

Price and Availability of Gateway A60 Tablet

Gateway A60 has been released in Canada for $400 CAD (approx. $404 US Dollars).