Get 512 GB Free Cloud Backup with BeeCloud!

Do you remember the days when we had hundreds of floppies with us? That happened some 15 years ago. Next came CD-ROM, then DVD-ROM and today we have Blu-Ray and HD DVDs.

And Cloud Storage? It has become a viable option over last few years. Free services like Dropbox, Skydrive and Ubuntu One have changed the landscape now. Kudos to the companies developing them (Dropbox Inc, Microsoft and Canonical)!

These services became popular for some very obvious reasons. Cloud services helped you to get over the idea of carrying your valuable data in portable devices such as pendrives and DVDs. The data was now accessible anywhere, anytime. It even got popular amongst business class people.

But all these services have their drawbacks too. Limited Storage! For free, you get 3GB in¬†Dropbox, 25GB in Live Skydrive and 5GB in Ubuntu One. For more storage, you ought to shell out bucks. Well its not that the storage is less, but considering the greed of geeky Homo sapiens, they’re never satisfied!

Never? Not really. Here comes a service to satisfy them! Yes, I’m talking of unlimited storage for free. BeeCloud, a new player in the scene is due to revolutionize the concept! It is providing two plans for its early users to use for free for 1 year! They’re unlimited storage and 512GB briefcase plans. Well, some of us don’t even own hard disks that large! This is not a trial account, but a real full working account, not limited in time.

All you have to do is connect with BeeCloud through Facebook,Twitter or Google and sign up for a free account! It has a client installable in Mac OSX and Windows through which you can backup data.

Here is a chart of the price options available. The first two ones are free (0 Euros)

You actually have to shell out 0 euros. No hidden costs, the move is just to ensure that trolls don’t get the hang of its servers by getting hundreds of accounts!

The difference between the two plans is that one has BeeCloud Briefcase, while other doesn’t. BeeCloud Briefcase works like an extra drive on your computer that you can access from anywhere. You can always select the higher priced premium plans too, which have NAS (network attached storage) support too. A great solution to take an online backup of your backups! The company has its iOS and Android apps too. Neat!

Go to to know more.

A word of note though, I don’t guarantee this service as some days back another service offering the same had come up, named Backify which has been terminated. Please spend only if you’re aware of the consequences.


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