Geeky Vacations Part 2: Cool Gadgets For The Music Junkie’s Travel

Its winter shooting in, and with New Year and Christmas coming closer, you ought to get going somewhere.  And if its TGC, we never let anything go on without a word call TECH. So here’s a list of cool gadgets, one of which should be a part of your backpack. We’ve taken care to make the list as affordable as possible!

In Part 1, we made a guide for cameras to be used in vacations. But there are millions who can’t live a day without their music. In Part 2, we’re going to guide you to make the music experience of yours better during your vacations! We’ve also concluded whether you need a dedicated PMP or not!

PMP or Not?

Very tough question, and in our words, the answer is a partial no. PMPs are a thing of the past and there are a plethora of gadgets and services that can easily replace your PMP! But Players have their own advantages too. We’ll cover players, replacements and services in this part!

PMPs- Portable Media Players, or PMPs as they’re commonly called are awesome devices to bring your music and videos along when you’re on the move. PMPs come in all sizes and price ranges, from $35 to $350! Although you’d find them beyond this range too, but we just don’t recommend them. We’ve covered 3PMPs, best in their price ranges.

1. SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB- One of the cheapest players with nice audio quality. It has an exciting clip design and a small screen too.Music PMP Vacation

The player comes with some useful features such as an FM radio and Rhapsody DNA integration. he player also includes support for a wide variety of audio file types, including OGG and FLAC. All of this comes at an incredible value as ti isn’t even $40! It has a very sporty design that sets it apart from others in this range. Although screen-less players are cheaper but this one just beats the competition. There’s no video support, so 2GB is enough to store at least 400, 128kbps mp3 songs. FM Radio is an added feature but it works erratically sometimes. We loved the audio quality of the player. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a player under the price of $40 or Rs. 2000.

Rating (10★) ★★★★★★★★★
Street Price (USD) $35
Amazon Link SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB

2. Cowon iAUDIO 9 16 GB- This PMP from Cowon is one of the best at its price range. This is the range that attracts the maximum number of users. It faces stiff competition from the iPod Nano, but it is better than the latter in many ways. It has a huge format support, a slim and sexy design along with an awesome interface.Music PMP VacationThe device also features a capacitive touch navigation strip that makes the interface a breeze. With support for FLAC, Ogg, Flash, and XviD files–the iAudio 9 is one of the best bargains around. We recommend this player to everyone out there, looking for a decent player with a nice file support and sexy design.

Rating (10★) ★★★★★★★★★
Street Price (USD) $125
Amazon Link Cowon iAUDIO 9 16 GB

3. Microsoft Zune HD 32GB- The idea is simple here. Apps- iPod Touch, Music- Zune HD, Videos- Zune HD, Design- Zune HD, Screen- iPod TOuch. You see, there is stiff competition between the two rivals. The iPod has a slight edge over its competitor but its the value for money and the uber sexy design of the Zune HD that makes us recommend it. Music PMP VacationThe Zune HD’s brilliant OLED display, HD Radio tuner, long battery life, movie rentals, and subscription music integration finally give iPod expatriates something to shout about. It comes with a Tegra dual core processor which accounts for awesome 720p HD video. It lacks the camera present in iPhone but visualizing it as a PMP, it trounces the iPhone. Gaming on Zune is just perfect. In fact, I found few games to  be better than PSP! Just buy this one if you have deep pockets!

Rating (10★) ★★★★★★★★★
Street Price (USD) $290
Amazon Link Microsoft Zune HD 32GB

Now that we’ve reviewed PMPs, the time is for their replacements, i.e- Smartphones!

4. Sony Ericsson W8 – 3G, WiFi, a 3.15MP Camera, Android, awesome music quality, $130.Music Phone5. Samsung Wave II- Super Clear LCD capacitive touchscreen, Gorilla Glass, BadaOS, great music quality, 3G, WiFi, Multi-Touch, $400 Music Phone

6. Apple iPhone 4 32GB– Great 3.5 inch multi-touch Retina display, Nice audio and great video, fast, slim and sexy, Apps, Games, 3G, WiFi, iOS4,  Music Phone

Services that trounce them all:
  1. Grooveshark- The Application for the popular site is available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian. Long Live Free music!
  2. Spotify- Another great service with apps on iPhone and Android.
  3. Shazam- Music identification never was so easy. iPhone, Android, Symbian, WP7.
  4. The social music player is available for iPhone and Android.
Tune In
These applications and devices will keep you entertained in your journey. It depends on your budget whether you want those PMPs or phones. If you’re budget conscious, try these apps. If you’re roaming, watch out for internet bills. Got WiFi? Happy Listening mate!!!
Stay Tuned For Next Part!


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