How to get Followers and Instant Popularity on Twitter

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform offers only 140 characters for each tweet or status update. Yet you can use these 140 characters message to great advantage! Twitter is arguably, the best resource to get all the latest updates for all the happenings, online. With Hash tags & Mentions we can collect the ongoing happenings from Twitter.

This is the hub where you can approach your favorite celebrity for their updates through Tweets. According to some social media experts, Twitter is the best resource for them to get the traffic and be in touch with their fans. This is the only service which gives a proper URL to each and every update.

There are so many celebrities on Twitter and all these celebrities maintain their own Twitter account through their client software like MetroTwit, TweetDeck or from the web interface. Even you can also get popular on Twitter very well by the help of few tips. These tricks are very simple and can make your presence special among your network.

Here are the few tips to get popular on Twitter:

  • Start following your  follower: So, whoever follows you next, start following him on the same time. Use this an opportunity to interact with him. If your tweets are good he will Retweet you often.
  • Dont just use the platform to push or promote your own tweets. RT others tweets too. A healthy interaction will go a long way.
  • In place of  names, always try to have mentions or Twitter handle of the person to get  more recognition.
  • Always provide,  related links or URLs while describing something in your Tweet.
  • Always follow  your interest area of peoples like if your core is marketing, then start  following Marketing gurus on Twitter which can help you professionally and  personally, both.
  • Thank those who retweet you right away. Maybe you could use a service like Top Tweeps to identify your top retweeters of the month and thank them again every month with a tweet.

If you have any more suggestions, please do share!

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