Get Windows Phone 7 Interface on both iOS and Android Phones

Every person has his own choice of interface, initially Apple iOS interface was the most loved one which was later replace by Android. However both have same awesome user interface and are good in each of their place, but today after Android and iOS the most loved user interface for smart phones is Windows Phone 7.This interface is being loved by its users for its ease-of use.

People always want to port iOS user interface on their Android device or vice versa. There are lot’s of such porting tutorials but are lengthy and full of complications which also require some third party addons on your device. Here’s one of such tutorial for porting Windows Phone 7 User Interface on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4 which we highly recommend if you are a phone modder.

For those who want an easy way, don’t worry there is a way!



Porting Windows Phone 7 UI to iPhone or iPod Touch

Simplest way to get the WP7 UI on iPhone or iPod Touch is by using OSFaker. Just follow the following steps and get WP7 on your device.

Note: This mod only works on Jailbreaked iPhone or iPod, make sure your device is already jailbroken. You should be into WiFi connectivity zone or into 3G / 2G data network.

  1. Open Cydia, navigate to Manage tab and open Sources
  2. Tap Edit and Add the following repo “”
  3. Navigate to search tab and search for “OSFaker” and install it
  4. You are done!, just reboot your device and run the app.

Porting Windows Phone 7 UI on Android Device

Getting WP7 on your Android device is real simple thing to do, far easier than the OSFaker on Apple. There isn’t any procedure to followed only thing is download an app named “Launcher 7” from the Android Market and just install it on your device.

There are two versions of Launcher 7, one is named as simple as “Launcher 7” and other is “Launcher Pro”. Yes, there’s lot difference between them, Launcher 7 is totally free of cost but full of advertises where as the Pro version is paid one and costs $1.4 (Rs. 63/-) and is free of ads.

That was for Windows Phone 7, we will be coming back with some new mods. Stay tuned!