What is Ghostwriting and How can you Make Money through it!

Many of you might be ending up short of money in last few days of every month, let the reason be anything, insufficient pocket money, insufficient salary, no job or strict parent disapproving pocket money concept. But if you are one of such people, this article is solely written for you, so please read along for information about how to make money easily and without any hard work.

Although if you have Internet installed at your home and you can do virtually hundreds of different things to earn money, there are many pitfalls and risks. Some might ask you to make initial payment before they give you online data entry work or others may not pay at all after completion of work. Ghostwriting is totally risk-free way which can earn you good sum of amount and that too without any physical work.


A ghostwriter is a professional writer who gets paid for writing books, reports, reviews on various things like gadgets, news or other text. The reason such writers are called as ghostwriters is that, though they get paid for their work, the work is published under someone else’s name and thus the name of actual writer is never disclosed in public. Political leaders, celebrities, executives often hire such ghostwriters to write their autobiographies, articles on their agenda or magazine articles. This was just outline of any ghostwriter’s work.

Nowadays, many web sites require content to be posted periodically to get higher numbers of hits. Higher numbers of hits ensure that the web site gets good revenue through advertising. Thus owners of such web sites ask writers to write on various topics related to subject of web site and in turn pay them, according to word count or on a fix rate. The payment is made on the basis of per assignment, on weekly basis, bimonthly or monthly depending on owner of the web site and is done mostly through bank transfer. The reason some web sites are ghostwritten is that not all writers have the required information technology skills or time to dedicate to running a web site. So by hiring such ghostwriters, web sites gets their job done at low cost and writers who do not have required knowledge to run such web sites gets paid smartly. So even if you are working somewhere or you attend college, you still can earn extra money by working as a freelance writer.

If you have got all excited by reading this post and want to start earning the money right now, you can search clients on social networking sites such as Facebook or Orkut. Search any word like “freelance writing”, “freelance writers” or “content development” on any of these social networking sites; you are sure to come across many clients on such web pages. Otherwise one can also find such authenticate clients on following web-sites:

  • Freelancer: On this web-site either you can find right project matching your skills or you can also post a project to outsource it.
  • Elance: Similar to the freelance.com. You can get or post various projects here.
  • Project 2 Bid: One can bid for various project of varying nature.

Although this is really risk free way of earning money, be sure that you are dealing with authenticate person and not some hacker or fraudulent claims. Now start earning by smart work right away and tell everyone about it.

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