Gingerbread Update Ready for HTC EVO 4G of Sprint USA

Sprint Mobile USA shipped HTC EVO 4G almost a year ago. This smartphone unleashed the 4G wave in the United Stated by being one of the first 4G-enabled phones, but this awesome phone has lagged in another category, viz Android updates.

But, this changed on June 3rd 2011 when Sprint officially confirmed that one of the most popular Android phones till date has got Android Gingerbread update and now owners can manually update their HTC EVO 4G Smartphones.

If you want to manually update your HTC EVO 4G’s Android to Gingerbread, you need to follow this path:

Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Updates > Check Now > OK >Yes

If you don’t want to take risk of manually updating your phone, then wait till June 6 2011, when Sprint will rollout updates officially and automatically. This update is carried over the air and transitioning to Android 2.3 is done in 2 simple steps. The instructions below are given on Sprint’s website:

1.    Users will receive a notification that Android 2.3 is available for download.

2.    Once the user has downloaded the update, they will be prompted to install the update. The user will be notified that their device will be disabled during the installation process. The phone will be ready to use once the process completes.

HTC EVO 4G Android Beauty has a huge and beautiful screen along with solid performance, dual cameras, lot of utility apps, first American smartphone with 4G, HDMI output, great call quality and HTC EVO 4G’s on-screen keyboard is very easy to use. And Android 2.3 may still be the last major iteration to reach the phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich being more specifically designed to resemble a tablet interface.

It’s not yet clear whether this Android update to HTC EVO 4G smartphone will bring the latest 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread, which will give the ability of Google Video Chat as well as the latest security fixes. Apart from the minor changes in the User interface, this Gingerbread update is expected to fix some bugs including quick battery discharges, synchronizing multiple Gmail accounts and email attachments display. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device.