Gismeteo: An Android application that informs about Weather Conditions

Gismeteo is a weather forecast extension by Russia’s website Previously, it was just an iOS offering but now it is available for Android too. It monitors and projects temperature, barometric pressure, monitor humidity and wind speed of selected locations.


Weather information gets updated on hourly basis and provides most up-to-date weather news. Apart from all this, the elegant user interface displays weather details relevant to a chosen region along with geomagnetic storm alerts.

At present, Gismeteo supports 3 languages,

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Objective is to accommodate more languages in the near future to make the application more user-friendly. If you want to be informed of the weather conditions at other locations, you can simply search for the preferred location and add it to the application list.

The application has the property of memory and therefore saves history of the opened up locations and displays them whenever required. Gismeteo also enables you to set up a custom background image for a desired location. To do this, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Gently sweep the location list from the home screen.
  2. Choose and tap on the preferred location and select ‘Set background image’.
  3. Now, select an image file to finally complete the process.

Gismeteo endorses a home screen widget (a control that is very useful for a particular job) that can be altered to display current weather conditions or a four day weather forecast of a desired location. Besides this, it also has other customizable parameters and preferences.


To cross-check the functionality of the application you can access official Gismeteo website.

Here you can check the weather conditions of a particular region and determine the efficiency of your application’s results by matching them with results that are displayed by the official website.

The most likeable feature of the application is that it comes for free. It can be downloaded from Android Market and should work on your Android device without any hitch. More at Itwatchdogs.

Download Gismeteo.