Giveaway and Review: Techinline, Remote Assistance Tool Worth $160 Each

Now the connections among the remote computers over the web at any point on the globe can be established with an amazing remote assistance tool called Techinline. Techinline is a charismatic support tool which enables to form connections instantly, firmly and easily between the remote computers to any extended place worldwide.

Some of its imperative features that have really made a profound impact on the technology are discussed below:

File and Clipboard Transfer

You can very easily and hastily transfer files and clipboard by following the two simple methods.

Copy and Paste

  • Select the object that you needs to copy, and then right click on it to select the “Copy” option.
  • After selecting the copy option the object will be copied onto the session’s shared clipboard.
  • Once the object gets copied now select the location where it needs to be pasted on the other machine, right-click on an empty-area on the selected location and then select the option “Paste” to paste it.
  • Once the Paste option is selected the progress box will appear on the window which allows to monitor the transfer process.
  • As soon the process for pasting the object gets completed it is saved in the desired location.

Drag-and-Drop File Transfer

  • Select the file that you need to transfer using the Drag-and-Drop feature
  • Drag the desired object to the preferred location on the other computer, and then drop it in the selected location.
  • The process of transferring the file gets started which you can see in the progress box that appears immediately you drop the file and also allows to monitor the transfer process.

Customization and Integration

  • Make your company’s name, logo, and other branding attributes visible directly on the client support page, which gives effective promotion and marketing to your service brand.
  • Implement the following simple steps to offer a branded support page to your customers.
  • Customize the client support page in the My Account->Client Page Setup section of your Techinline account
  • On your website create a “Remote Desktop Support” section.
  • The section that you have created there incorporate the link to the customized page. In the Client Page Setup section the customized link is located.

Multi-Monitor Support

Techinline offers the multi-monitor support feature, which offers some of the key solutions like simultaneously access to the multiple monitors, saves time and no tedious efforts are required to monitor them, and deliver the quality which is better than the best.

You are just required to connect to a remote computer with various monitors and then can view the content of all the monitors as a side by side “slideshow” automatically.

Firewall/Proxy Transparent

  • Connect effortlessly to the remote client by establishing a reliable Techinline service. The vital services are:
  • Avoid barriers. No matter if the remote client’s network is behind a firewall or proxy server, it lets you quickly establish a connection. Any obstacles with Techinline’s browser-based service, which is delivered over standard Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (HTTPS) are avoided.
  • Connect with ease. Establish a session automatically to a highly refined environment with intricate security settings in just few seconds and no manual adjustment to a firewall or proxy server is required.
  • Establish a secure connection. Make sure that security and discretion of profound data remain intact.
  • Provide the best service to any client. High-quality support is provided to each and every client, comprising enterprises with highly protected corporate networks.

Rules to participate in the Giveaway:

We are giving away 5 Licenses of Techinline Remote Desktop semi-annual subscription worth $160 each. To participate and win a license of this super cool tool, follow the simple rules given below:

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Contest will run till 26th of September. Winners will be announced on 27th September.


  1. Thanks for the info!
    Would recommend this software. That’s a perfect relation of price and reliability. Has nice set of functions and is very easy in use. So it’s a good tool for professional work and at the same time is easy in use if you are not a computer expert.

  2. I provide remote assistance over TeamViewer and always have the problem that users forget the password, also that users insist that they are logged on to it and they are not. One of the many fetures i like very much in Techinline is the copy paste ability.
    Carsten Thorvald/InfoTech Consult

  3. FB’d it. I provide remote support to my family and also to friends, and some fellow nursing students. I’ve tried various remote tools, and all have some disadvantage depending on the person on the other end. Point and click simplicity for the remote user would be wonderful.

  4. Tweeted. I provide remote support via logmein but I waste time with getting people to install it and set up an account. Usually, when they need help again they forget their password, etc. Sometimes I just give up and either drive to machine or have it brought to me. Techinline would be a big help. All I have to do is point them at a link and give them a client ID! That would make my life sooo much simpler! No more using notepad to “chat” and no more tricks to get files to transfer. No more wasting time just trying to get the remote connection established. That would be Heaven!

  5. I definitely want to try this software. I am currently using LogMeIn to keep track of my PC’s and it just has some limitations. I am interesting in trying new software and experiment to see what works best for me.

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