Glympse- An Easy and Safe way to Share your Real-time location

Glympse is a new mobile social service that permits GPS enabled smartphone users to visually share their real-time location. Location is shared for a specified duration only and is then stopped automatically.


Besides this, the application has a dynamic map facility that displays your whereabouts on a mobile device. Installing Glympse requires no signing-up or password. In addition, the application needs no social network to manage itself and does not display any irrelevant information.

Map facility

The application sends a link with your ongoing location to any person through SMS, Facebook, Email or Twitter. Best of all, the recipient doesn’t need any special software to view your location. They get a link that displays your real-time position, destination, and your speed (optional).

Glympse is operable on all phones (Android, iPhones, BlackBerries, etc.) and tablets. Latest version of the application has native support for Xoom and other 3.0/Honeycomb tablet devices.

AvailabilityOne can download and install the Glympse application from the following,

  • Glympse for Android Phones
  • Glympse for iPhones
  • Glympse for BlackBerry phones

In Glympse, tracking is exercised through a web-based application or a corresponding smart phone application. If the two users have installed this application in their Smartphones, they can view each other’s location even when in a heavy crowd of people.

Important features in a nutshell,

  • Shares your real-time GPS information without need of any application
  • Lets you set the duration you want your location to be known.
  • Can be activated with a text message
  • Very easy to use.
  • High quality interface with pleasant graphics.
  • Traffic info function as a useful addition.
  • Works on all versions of Android OS (1.5 and upwards) and iOS

So if you are stuck in a cloggy traffic or somewhere else, this application can be used as a relieving tool. It will unveil your accurate location to a vehicle services or a security division to seek any possible assistance without delay.