Gmail App for Apple users finally here and guess what, it’s not!

Though every company tries to provide as much interoperability as possible to its applications, same is not the case with the bigger ones. With mobile war is heating up between many companies, these ‘Big Threes’ were not ready to budge so as to provide seamless cross-platform interoperability to the users. Yes, we are talking about Google, Apple and Microsoft. Initially all the applications launched by these companies were limited to only native platforms, being Apple most notorious of all.


But now it looks like with changing market equations, all companies will be forced to provide interoperability for their applications and we saw a glimpse of that a day ago. Owner Company of biggest email service Gmail, Google has launched an application for Apple users which will allow them to access their Gmail accounts just with few clicks.

Released on 2nd November, this free Gmail app for iOS can be downloaded by all users having iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Although a user using any of the above devices, can directly access its account using a web browser; the new Gmail App reduces the efforts by letting a user access its mails right away just like any other local application. Although this new app was intended to reduce clutter by notifying a user right away after a mail has been received, it inevitably has Encountered a bug, which breaks the notifications and provides an error message when a user is opening this application for first time.


This detection of bug, forced Google to remove the newly launched application within few hours of its release. Google, soon after the release of the app removed it from Apple’s AppStore with a single tweet saying

The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem. Sorry we messed up.

The actual application was up on the Apple AppStore for about an hour and in no time, complaints started to flow from early adopters of the application on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Error message

“The Gmail app is really a piece of crud. Not worth loading. Very disappointed! Discussing it below,”

posted a tech blogger Robert Scoble on Google+, who said that the app provided nothing more than its web version. Seeing such reactions from users, Google pulled off the app from the web and apologized for it using Twitter. Till now Google has not made any clear statement about it so as when the bug-free app will be released!

This fiasco has shown us something, that no one is perfect, not even the winners of yesterday!