What’s new in Gnome 3

All the Linux users were elated with the announcement of Gnome 3. The Successor of Gnome 2, it offers a pretty nice interface and better tools. So if you are thinking of having a ride, let us have a sneak peak into it and find out what’s new in Gnome 3.

A new Desktop – The new Gnome 3 desktop is designed beautifully and elegantly. All the tasks can be carried out with ease, comfort and control. It focuses on convenience for wider audience. It also includes numerous new features.

Notifications that wait for you – Gnome 3 offer a new notifications system to help users concentrate on their chores. Notifications are unconstructive and will wait for you in the messages tray until you have decided to respond to them. Clicking them will open a new window with suitable controls to guide you.

Integrating Messaging – Messages are directly assimilated into GNOME 3. You can now directly reply to any message from the notification in the message tray. You can also open previous conversations from the message tray located at the bottom of the screen.

Organize your windows – Gnome 3 new interface makes it easier to group you windows and an efficient way to organize you work. Windows can be easily added to workspace using drag and drop, and the thumbnails switcher in the workspace can be used to move in the spaces.

Desktop Search – Gnome 3 includes an integrated search facility which can be used to start applications, switch between windows and also open recent files. Very useful indeed!

That’s not all! It also includes some more amazing features such as-

  • A place to have your favorite applications called the dash.
  • New wallpapers including a default Gnome wallpaper.
  • A beautiful new visual theme and an elegant new GNOME font called Cantarell.

If you love beauty, then you ought to check it out!

Download for 32-bit systems | Download for 64-bit systems.