3 Good CSS Editors for Linux

I’m sure you must be knowing what CSS means? For those who don’t, it is a programming language for web designing supported by all the latest web browsers. CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. It has been a supporting hand to HTML for long, since HTML4. These styles define how to display HTML elements.

CSS Files can be edited by any text editor, but applications which support it are easier to use. So, here are 3 such good applications for Linux reviewed.

3 Good CSS Editors for Linux:


CSSed is built specifically for CSS editing. The interface is clean and mature and there is a bar at the right that gives you access to most of the functions of CSS, like cursor, float etc. The keywords are highlighted and colored to distinguish them from the main values. There is also preview of the stylesheet, so it is basically a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. There is focus on just CSS coding, so this application is the best for theme providers, web designers etc.

And by the way, it is available for Windows too!

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If you have been following our site, you’ll remember that we’ve reviewed Bluefish earlier, as a HTML editor. Bluefish is a good CSS editor too. As you can see in the screenshot above, the IDE has numbered the stylesheet and has added parentheses for all the values. It makes coding easier and faster too! Try it out if you’re a casual designer, vowing for quick results! It has support for PHP too!

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Both these are text editors for GNOME and KDE respectively. Both are good at handling CSS. Although there’s no particular interface to call them IDEs, but they’re good if you don’t want to start a standalone program and do some quick changes. For coding, they’re only for professionals. The best part, they’re already there on your Linux system, so no downloads required!

For GEdit





All the three editors are good for CSS editing/coding. But for an amateur, we’d recommend Bluefish and CSSed for programmers.