5 Good websites Which Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube has a huge collection of videos where you can find videos on almost everything like songs, tutorials, etc. You can see a large collection of video songs, when you navigate to YouTube’s Browse, Music link which is below the YouTube’s search box. Here you can find almost every video song of your favorite Rock Star.

If you want to download a video on YouTube as MP3 and listen to it through your MP3 player or iPod or Windows Phone or if you want to set it as your Phone’s ringtone then there are many websites which convert your favorite YouTube video to audio online.

1.Grab & Run


Grab and Run website can create MP3 audio for a YouTube video which is in HD format. It also has a track of MP3 audios which you can download right away. This web App is also is available as Add-ons for Firefox and Safari browsers.



Video2mp3 has options to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format in standard quality and high quality. You just need to paste the URL of the YouTube video into websites URL field, select options of the audio format and hit convert then you video song is available in MP3 format. This web application is also available as Android App.

3.Convert me Mp3

convertmemp3This website has a simple interface, in the YouTube URL field of this website enter the your favorite YouTube video songs URL later the MP3 is available in three formats low, medium and high and at last hit create MP3 file. Your video is converted to MP3 in few minutes.



Xenra which converts YouTube videos to MP3 is available in Web App format and also available as Add-on for Firefox only. After hitting the download button before entering the YouTube videos url the conversion takes place in the websites server after conversion it is available for download.



For this Web App after entering the YouTube’s  URL, it asks you to enter the captcha then hit download button to download the video. This website appears with ads and doesn’t have a clean interface. This site may wouldn’t look clean but is one the best website to download converted YouTube videos to Mp3.

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