Google Account Activity tells you how you use Google services and products

In case you are not aware, Google does offer you a service that tells you how you spent your time using Google’s products and services. The Google Account Activity, introduced in March this year, can give you reports of how you spent your time on the Internet across your various Google products and services.

Its a great way of getting insights and knowing how you spent you time with Google – and how much Google actually knows about your activities.

Opt in to Google Account Activity

If you wish to activate the Google Activity Account for your Google account, you will have to visit the Opt In page and click on Opt in.

Once you have decided to opt in, Google will prepare a report and mail it to you. The report will summarize the data associated with each product you use when signed in to your account and also provide you links to change your personal settings, should you so require.

It will provide you with details like:

Account Sign-ins, from which location, using which platform and browsers, changes in authentications made, alternate email IDs, connected sites and services, Visited Places, Recent Trips, Emails sent, received, web history, searches history, YouTube videos views and uploaded, and so on.

In the Latitude section, based on your check-ins in Google Latitude, you will get reports places visited and number of hours spent in each location.

Knowing more about your own account activity also can help you take steps to protect your Google Account. For example, if you notice sign-ins from countries where you haven’t been or devices you’ve never owned, you can change your password immediately

Opt out of Google Account Activity

To opt out of receiving mail about the activity report, go here and unchek the box. Click on the Settings icon and click on Pause to pause Google generating the reports.

You will see a notification that the reports have been paused.

Opting out of the service will not mean that Google will stop tracking you. It will continue to do so – but it only not share the information with you.

If you wish to opt out of Google tracking you, you might want to read this post on how to opt out and maintain your privacy when using Google Services.